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Saving Opportunity – for those receiving income from digital platforms

digital platforms

The globalised and digitalised age – ideal conditions to think big and act smart by earning money abroad. Bloggers, owners of YouTube channels and creators of author’s works using digital platforms for your income – there is an opportunity to do this more efficiently!

Today, there are nearly no limits for the generation of income at the global scale. Internet is widely available, and everybody who is constantly ready to learn something new, has opportunities to acquire some benefit. All you have to do is to find the niche of your passion use it successfully.

Digital platforms – three examples of how to operate therein

1. Sales

The trader’s gene isn’t limited to standing behind the counter or searching for potential clients by phoning them. One of the ways to gain global profit is by selling your self-made craft and handiwork products on sites like www.etsy.com or www.ebay.com. The latter also allows you to sell your personal belongings for which you have no use. After a skilful arrangement of your virtual point of sale you will undoubtedly gain incomefor the sold goods.

2. Affiliate marketing platforms

Bloggers can earn money on a global scale by using the opportunities provided by affiliate marketing – you can join any of these platforms shareasale, cj, affiliate program amazon etc. You don’t have to be a creator or producer of your own product – you can direct customers to the platform of the products you have found. Use your blog as a channel for the direction of goods (banners, competitions and such), and receive remuneration – income from the producer or distributor for the work contributed in creating the blog and the promotion of the merchandise.

YouTube operates by similar principles by offering the video-bloggers opportunity to attach certain commercials to their uploaded videos and by providing an opportunity to receive income from his/her created channel.

3. Royalty platforms

Photographers, music creators and authors of other artworks can post their works on royalty platforms – such as shutterstock, canstockphoto or audiojungle etc., by receiving royalty for the use of their works on a global scale.

Receipt of income through an international payment card – reap the benefits!

Regardless of your global activity or plans – it is worth to consider and find the most beneficial way of receiving your income. The WestStein pre-paid Mastercard payment card is an excellent option. It is convenient and useful not only for settlements, but also as an account for the receipt of your income.

No separate bank account is required to receive your WestStein pre-paid Mastercard payment card. You can easily apply for the card on the internet, and you will receive the card in your mailbox within 10 days. Activate the card and specify the card account for the receipt of your income. The account number includes the international IBAN code, thus you will get your salary in a safe and reliable way.

Quickly, conveniently and privately – WestStein pre-paid Mastercard payment card is what you need to receive your income from digital platforms.

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