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Top 5 money-saving tips with your WestStein card

how to save money

“A penny saved is a penny earned”, claims an ancient idiom, and sometimes all it takes is a bit of thrifty saving to turn your financial life around. However, it is known that taking the first step is often the hardest, therefore we have created a list of five money saving tips that will help you manage your finances better. On their own, they may not sound like anything revolutionary, but by wisely combining them all, you will soon notice a huge positive impact.

1. Write down your daily spendings and optimize them

One of the most successful ways to save money is to plan how you’re going to spend it beforehand. At the start of each month, make a plan and write down how much money you will spend on bills, food, gas and other expenses. Keep your list in mind and check it every time you plan to spend money on your next purchase, just to be sure you are not going over your set daily limits. It is best to keep money for these spendings separately. For example, upload the sum you want to spend for the month (on everything besides compulsory payments) onto your WestStein card and use it each time you need to make a purchase.

Having a WestStein prepaid Mastercard is a great way to organize your daily expenses, because you can only spend as much money as you’ve loaded onto your card, no overdraft. What makes WestStein so great is the fact that you can do everything on the go. Apply online within minutes, receive the card by post in 10 days, then activate it using mobile application or online, verify yourself and enjoy transaction freedom. Don’t worry if you can’t always access a computer, because the WestStein mobile application is very convenient. It will help you manage your spendings, top up your account and make transactions.

2. Compare the prices

If you’ve planned to make a purchase, don’t go buying the first thing you stumble upon! Rash decisions are rarely the best ones, so before buying an item you desire, it’s better to do some research through different distributors or price comparison websites. That way, you can be sure that you’re making the most cost efficient choice. Do some research on Google shopping, NexTag  and Price Grabber. However, remember that the cheapest alternative isn’t always the best, so check out different product reviews and tutorials available on social media sites such as Youtube. TechRadar will help you when you’re buying electronical devices, Epinions will show you reviews by other customers, and it’s often useful to check out the reviews on Amazon as well.  That way, you can be sure you won’t regret your purchese. Use your WestStein card for your online purchases and see for yourself how easy and convenient it is to organize all your daily expenses with one card.

3. Save on sending money to your family members

By using WestStein prepaid Mastercard, you can easily connect extra cards to your account and make the transactions worldwide. This might turn out to be useful if you’ve thought about getting a card for your child, your parents or other family members. You can save a significant amount of money on transactions when working abroad and send it to your family members.

It’s also very convenient for managing your children’s spendings. For instance, if you can manage your own income easily but it’s harder to control just how much money you’ve given your child, we have a tip –  it’s a good idea to get them a WestStein prepaid Mastercard as well. That way, you can transfer the pocket money to your child once a month or any other time they need extra money. Wherever you are, it will take you only a few clicks to transfer money to your kid’s card when they need it. Also, from your own account, you’ll be able to see how your child spends their money and discuss it with them afterwards to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. The card is made within 72 hours, and you won’t have to go to the bank and wait in a long queue – you can sign up for it online and it will be delivered to you for free!

4. Get more (of your) income

Staying on top of your finances means not only saving on your expenses, but also optimizing your income. For example, you work in your daily job as an E-commerce specialist, but in your free time you are earning some extra income as a freelancer for foreign clients. Or maybe you are working full time abroad for some time and want to send money to your family members. WestStein is the perfect salary card for both situations.

WestStein prepaid Mastercard is an international payment card that is connected to a bank account held by Irish Allied Banks. You have all the functions of a regular Mastercard and also several advantages such as transaction privacy, no credit history checks and complete digital management, which means that you can easily apply and manage your card online and with that you can receive all your income in one card, private and secure.

If you are not interested in working aside from your day job at the moment, that’s fine, but if you are, be creative with your skills or learn something new. You can find many opportunities for earning extra online these days and many of them do not require a lot of knowledge.

5. Save money on your travels

It is important to plan your trip and take care of everything before boarding your flight so you won’t have anything to worry about during your travels. First of all, decide exactly how much you’re willing to spend on your trip. Transfer that sum on your WestStein prepaid Mastercard and use it to pay for all purchases during the trip. It’s very convenient, because it works at all locations where Mastercard is accepted. Plus, this way, taking cash out of your account is going to be cheaper than with a regular bank card. It’s also smart to pay for your transportation and book your hotel before you take the trip – you will be able to simply enjoy your journey without worrying about it! With WestStein prepaid Mastercard, only you can oversee and control your expenses!

Try out these tips for yourself! Soon enough, you’ll see that saving money isn’t mission impossible, and you don’t have to sacrifice the luxuries you’re used to in order to have some extra coins in your pocket. Be smart and use all the advantages provided by WestStein, and your card will be a great companion on your path to financial success!


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