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How to get a virtual card in 5 minutes: process and benefits

Applying for a virtual Mastercard is much easier than applying for an actual plastic card. Many people do not understand the advantages of using it, so we will talk about them, as well as about the design features, and other points related to the issue in detail.

Modern virtual card: design and advantages

A free virtual debit card is the very reality that was once talked about as something fantastic. And today anyone can use this very “fantasy”.
Let’s start with the advantages.

A free online virtual card can be issued independently from home (work, cafe… this point is unimportant, what’s more important is that you don’t need to go to the bank’s office).

And this is already a huge plus, because the modern rhythm of life often does not allow time to visit a bank office. And in some localities and offices the required bank simply does not exist.

The validity periods may vary. They can be long-lasting, from one to three years. You can also renew everything online. The terms of use are similar. The same personal account as in the case of the original “plastic”, the same tariffs, the same method of replenishment.
You can withdraw either using a terminal (if it is modern, if such a service is provided there, if it does not belong to a specific bank and is not intended exclusively for servicing its accounts), or through the bank that owns the virtual card. A partner office is also suitable.

Apply for a virtual prepaid card online

The easiest way is to register an instant virtual debit card for free in your personal bank account. Perform a standard login, look through the menu (directory to the “Cards” or “Services” section, the location option differs in different banks). You need to find exactly the sentence with the prefix “Internet” or “virtual”.

Next, you should carefully review the terms of cooperation, paying attention, first of all, to the cost and interest rate; it would also be a good idea to study the offered cashback. Sometimes it’s small, sometimes it allows you to quickly accumulate the required amount.
It is also important to study the features of the service and the requirements for the client. And after making sure that everything fits, you can start the procedure. Doing this online is very convenient. You can slowly and repeatedly read the points of interest, you can save the version on your PC or in the memory of your smartphone, you can, if it is more convenient, even print it out and keep the “paper” version of the contract, which is more familiar to many.

Usually, after the client has read all the points, he/she is assigned an invoice. Occasionally, and in very few organizations, additional time is needed to verify the submitted data. But this is also not too long, usually 30-60 minutes.

Virtual Mastercard: features of use

It is a mistake to think that a virtual card (of any bank) limits the owner in some way. Just like a regular plastic card, you can transfer different amounts to it yourself, or receive payments from other people or organizations.
You can use it to pay for services or goods, both on the Internet and in everyday life.

Almost all ATMs have a built-in function for dispensing money without using a real card. To do this, you can use either a telephone number attached to the account, which will allow you to identify the owner, or an application on your smartphone, with which you will scan the code from the ATM screen. There are a lot of options. Specifically, you need to study them on the website of the bank where the service will be provided.

But the principle of receiving cash is similar. At the ATM, you need to go to the menu to the “Withdrawal by QR code” or “Withdrawal without a card” section. This is not necessarily the name. They’re all pretty much the same. Next, follow the pop-up prompts. If you need to scan a code, you should open the application and carry out the procedure. If you confirm via SMS in the application, it’s also easy to follow the prompts. The first couple of times there may be slight difficulties, but then everything will be carried out absolutely without problems.
To make it even clearer, let’s look at an example.

WestStein virtual card: example of design and use

To receive a virtual card, you need to fill out a special form on the original (this is important) website. After this, a confirmation will be sent to the specified email, and its use will open access specifically to the account. It can be topped up in cash or by transfer from a card of any other financial institution. And from now on you can already use it.

How? In real stores where contactless terminals are installed, on online platforms. Payments will be fast and secure. Today, WestStein specifically has more than 41 million card acceptance points. And there are already almost 2.2 million ATMs on the planet.
This is a convenient, modern option, the benefits of which have been appreciated by customers from different countries. All you have to do is make sure that the card is worthy of use, and regret a little that you didn’t apply for it a little earlier.

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