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Electronic payments and management of corporate accounts through Internet banking

In today’s world, where technology is increasingly affecting our daily lives, an online corporate account with the ability to manage through the application is becoming an important component of the success of any enterprise.

You can use a business account through a mobile application with the following benefits:
●Convenience and accessibility. Online corporate account management allows entrepreneurs to carry out transactions 24/7, regardless of geographic location. This is especially convenient for companies with international operations, as they can instantly manage their finances even when they are in another part of the world.
●Reduction of operation time. Online platforms allow you to automate many financial processes, such as bill payments, transfers, and transaction accounting. This helps to reduce the time spent on routine tasks and allows you to focus on more strategic aspects of your business.
●Monitoring and analysis. Online platforms provide extensive opportunities for monitoring the financial condition of a company. Entrepreneurs can track income and expenses and analyze data to make better business decisions.
●Efficient management. Online management allows you to quickly prepare reports on the financial condition of the company, which simplifies the interaction with tax authorities and accountants. It is also possible to integrate payment systems for the convenience of customers and partners.
●Easy scaling. Online systems easily scale with business growth. Adding new accounts, users and functionality is easy. A limit of 500,000 euros on an account, 100,000 euros on a bank card and an unlimited number of issued cards will allow you to scale your business without limits.

A corporate account with online management is becoming an integral part of modern business. It provides convenience, security, efficiency and control over the company’s finances, which contributes to its successful operation and development.

How to open a corporate account with WestStein

Opening a corporate account with WestStein is an easy and convenient way to meet the financial needs of your business. WestStein provides state-of-the-art financial management solutions, enabling companies to quickly manage their finances and expenses.

If you need to open a corporate account, please consider the following instructions.
1. Prepare the necessary documents. In order to open an online business account, you will need to provide certain documents, such as the company’s incorporation documents, an extract from the register of legal entities, the passport of the company’s head, and other documents confirming your corporate credentials. If you need to apply for a salary card, the list of documents may be shorter.
2.Fill out the online application. On our website, fill out an online application to get a current account for business. You will need to provide information about the company, its activities, about you as a leader, as well as provide scanned copies of the necessary documents.
3.Verification of identity. WestStein requires confirmation of the identity of the head of the company. This may require the provision of a scanned copy of your passport or other form of identification.
4. Evaluation of the application. To open a business account, the WestStein team will evaluate your company and the submitted documents. It can take some time.

After a successful evaluation of your application, you will be provided with confirmation of the possibility of opening a corporate account. You will be provided with account details and instructions on how to use it.

How to pay salaries to employees through a WestStein corporate account

Apart from the main benefits, the WestStein prepaid card allows you to make transfers to your co-operate through the account. WestStein empowers companies to effectively manage benefits and provide a comfortable environment for their employees.

In order to effectively use payroll cards for employees, you should read the following instructions:
1.Create a corporate account. Register on the WestStein platform and create a corporate account by providing the required documents and company information.
2. Add employees. Add information about your employees to the platform, including their bank details or card numbers.
3.Make payments. Use the platform interface to make payments to employee accounts. You can choose different payment methods – to bank accounts or cards.
4.Track transactions. Keep track of transactions and corporate account balance, receive notifications of each operation.
5.Generate reports. Generate payout and expense reports periodically to better analyze your company’s financial health.

Using a WestStein corporate account is an efficient way to organize payroll for employees with minimal time and resources, providing them with convenience and security when receiving wages.

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