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Current account online in 5 minutes

In the modern world, digital technologies are developing in order to make people’s lives more comfortable. If we talk about cash payments, then an increasing number of people strive to make the most of online and cashless payments. It is much more convenient to put one card in your wallet than a bunch of cash.

Benefits of WestStein Finance Company

In order to use non-cash payments in full, you need to open checking account online in a reliable company. Such financial company is WestStein. It has been providing financial services around the world for many years, providing reliability and absolute security to its clients.

The company provides a range of financial services:

  • opening a current account;
  • opening a corporate account;
  • mobile application which is synchronized with the web version;
  • sending and receiving international money transfers;
  • cash withdrawal at all ATMs with a minimum commission;
  • payment for goods and services in more than 120 countries of the world;
  • providing the IBAN code when opening a current account;
  • possibility of booking hotels and air tickets all over the world.

Opening a current account online

Everyone who wants to find a convenient alternative to cash is trying to find a way to quickly open an online account. With WestStein service it’s real. To do this, you do not need to go anywhere, just download the application on your computer or its mobile version on your phone and register.

Registration is simple and fast, as we know how annoying it is for people to fill out endless forms and collect the necessary documents. The application will prompt you to fill out a standard form in which you indicate your surname and name, address of residence, contact phone number, e-mail.

After registration, you can apply for opening a current account for free. The data that you provide during registration will be enough to open a current account online in 5 minutes. After receiving confirmation that the account is opened, you can begin to actively use it. First you need to replenish it in any way convenient for you. This can be a replenishment through the terminal or transfer money to a virtual card from your main account.

For those who spend a lot of time traveling and making business trips, you should definitely find out that when you open a current account online, it is assigned an international IBAN code. With an online account with WestStein, you will be able to make payments and conduct various financial transactions in EU and world countries where the SEPA system operates.

We recommend that our clients open an account online in order to travel profitably. WestStein has developed a worldwide hotel booking service for its customers. At the same time, the booking price is 30% lower than on the booking.com.
Many of our clients have already highly appreciated this service and are sure that our application is a great alternative to booking.com.

On the platform, using filters, you can easily find the perfect option for living in another country that will suit your requirements and budget. The service provides reliable information about the hotel and up-to-date photographs, which make it easy to imagine where you will be when you arrive.

Benefits of an online current account

A current account is usually opened by entrepreneurs to ensure a quick turnover of funds. Money is credited to the account almost instantly, about which you receive an SMS notification. You will also be notified that your funds have been credited to the recipient’s account. To quickly send money, you only need to know the recipient’s account or card number.

Three virtual cards can be issued to one account, which will be used by people who have access to your deposit account. The mobile application displays the history of transactions for all cards. You can see who, where and how much spent at any time. The account can be closed at any moment. For example, when buying a car, you want to pay by bank transfer, but do not want to “show” your main card. To do this, an account is opened, which is replenished with the required amount, and then after the purchase is made, it is closed.

Using a current account, you can make quick transfers to suppliers, pay salaries to your employees working abroad, make a profit, pay taxes and other regular payments. The company provides favorable conditions for cash withdrawal with a commission which is much lower than that of similar companies.

It is very convenient that you can provide your child with such a card. You don’t have to worry if you forget to leave him pocket money. At any time you can replenish their card from your account. In your personal account, you can control how your child spent the money.

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