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Top most volatile cryptocurrencies 2023

Cryptocurrency, which is a type of electronic money, has recently become quite popular around the world. Volatility is the main sign of the stability of the currency, that is, the change in its value over a certain period of time.

What are the most volatile currencies

Bitcoin is recognized as the most popular cryptocurrency, as well as the most volatile. Its value changes every day, and sometimes several times a day. In 2017, the price of bitcoin soared from $700 to $20,000, and in 2022, its value has already risen to $66953. But such a high price did not last long, in 2023 its value was $20000-22895.

Despite the popularity of bitcoin, experts warn of the high risk of such an investment due to high volatility. The most volatile currencies among their many are:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin;
  • BNB;
  • Cardano;
  • Dogecoin;
  • Tron;
  • Ethereum Classic;
  • Monero;
  • Solana;
  • VeChain.

Before investing in a cryptocurrency, you should study its volatility trends in detail. Traders usually decide which cryptocurrency to buy now by reviewing summaries and reading forecasts.

Is bitcoin worth buying today?

Most traders answer this question positively. Because bitcoin has the most potential among all popular cryptocurrencies, and forecasts suggest that it will jump to the $100,000 mark by 2025. Therefore, we can conclude that it is the most popular player on the exchange.

Of course, we can assume that due to the high volatility, it can fall in price in some periods. But, if you invest in long-term investments, most likely, this investment will give a significant profit. The peculiarity of volatility is that the market activity is maintained with the help of this indicator.

Investments in cryptocurrency are usually made by investors who like to take risks. Traditional investors try to avoid such risky investments. But it must be said that many who took a risk at some time became millionaires just by investing a small amount of money.

Where should I buy cryptocurrency?

There are various cryptocurrency exchanges for various financial activities with cryptocurrency. Before buying cryptocurrency on them, it is necessary to analyze information about exchange rates and commissions, because these figures may differ from site to site.

WestStein financial system offers its customers to buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies on its platform. There are favorable conditions for this, and WestStein mobile app helps a lot. Since the rate of cryptocurrencies can change several times a day, with the help of the mobile app you will not miss a profitable moment to sell or buy.

Service offers this function only for its clients, as well as many other convenient features. So, don’t waste your time in thinking, register and use the advantages of the payment platform.

Advantages of using WestStein service

To become a client of the service, you need to perform a few simple actions. Register on the site by filling out the form, entering your data – name, e-mail address, contact phone number, residence address. Then get an account number, deposit money in any convenient way and you can use it with pleasure.

In addition to buying and selling, as well as the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies at an advantageous rate, the exchange of cryptocurrencies such as USDT, USDC is 1.5%, and for volatile koins 3.5%, service customers can carry out other profitable transactions.

The virtual card allows you to pay for goods and services on the Internet, book flights and hotels around the world, transfer money to other cards, as well as make money transfers and use the card for business purposes.

The advantage of a WestStein account is that only your money will be in it. No overdraft will prevent you from spending more than you planned. All financial transactions are treated with complete confidentiality and protection of personal information.

WestStein mobile app is designed in such a way that anyone can easily understand it. It not only contains all the analytics on conducted transactions, but also has the ability to make contactless payment. To do this, in addition to installing the mobile application, you need to configure the NFC function in your phone.

If you have any questions about how the service works, you can contact the customer service center for advice at any time. You can choose the language in which you would like to be consulted.

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