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How to profitably book a hotel with Weststein

When we plan an upcoming trip, we immediately begin to decide how to book a hotel profitably. This is especially true for those travelers who go on tour on their own in several countries, with frequent changes of residence. Booking hotels in this case is as important as choosing the right route.

Hotel booking app

Weststein has developed a hotel booking application for our clients. It allows you to choose and book a cheap hotel room, view photos of rooms, territory, study information about the services provided and locations.

Booking hotels online has become the norm since it is the easiest, most profitable and reliable way to find a place to stay for a vacation or business trip. But here it is also important to choose a reliable hotel booking system that will be not only financially profitable, but also convenient and understandable for users.

In the system it is possible to carry out not only online booking of hotels at a discount, but also to view actual photos. It is also possible to get acquainted with the additional services provided by the hotel. The service contains information about the reviews of our customers. Many people have forgotten about other booking systems and only use our hotel booking application.

The best booking system

In addition to the fact that many recognized the Weststein app as the best hotel booking system, as we offer hotel reservations 30% cheaper and betterthan the booking website. Here you will find only truthful information, with real photos and visitor reviews. To more quickly be able to search for information, you need to install the application to your smartphone. This can be done through both the WestStein android app and the WestStein iOS app. Thus, you can make a hotel reservation at any time and in any place where Internet coverage is available.

Hotel reservations via the Internet can only be made by customers of our service. Our clients rightly highly appreciated the service, they travel a lot to other countries, visit various cities on business and come on business trips. All these people are interested in a comfortable and cozy place where they can relax and unwind.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of the Weststein app, you should complete a simple registration. It will not take much time, but it will give you the opportunity to evaluate all the benefits of the application. For successful registration, you must fill out a standard form for all, indicating the last name, first name, residential address, contact phone number and e-mail. After that, when your data is verified, you will be able to use our services.

Current account and Weststein virtual card

One of the most popular services that travelers require, apart from convenient hotel reservations around the world, is a reliable payment system. Thanks to a current account and a virtual card, you can stop carrying large sums of cash with you. All the money that you planned to spend on the trip can be stored on the Weststein virtual card. Thus, you will protect yourself from thieves and scammers, and also do not spend more than you originally planned. Only your money is on the card, with which you will replenish it after opening an account. It is very comfortable. Unlike the cards on which the money of the banking structure is located, there is also an overdraft. This is a credit limit that the bank usually provides to its customers, which must be repaid after a certain time with interest.

It is also possible to open a family account, with access to it by several family members. This is very convenient, so you will not depend on each other. Even when traveling, the wife can easily go shopping, and the husband can go to the museum at this time, and both will be using one bank account.

In addition to the hotel booking service, the application allows you to send and receive international money transfers in euros. Transferring money takes a maximum of a day, but usually happens instantly. In just a couple of minutes, your balance will be replenished. It also happens quickly in the opposite direction. For example, you get a call from friends who are abroad who lost all their cash or their hotel room was robbed and all the money was taken. With the help of the Weststein service, you can quickly help and transfer the requested amount. To carry out this transaction, you only need to know the current account of the recipients. When the money is credited to their account, you will receive a notification of receipt.

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