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How to open a current account for an individual online

The history of banking began long before the appearance of well-known credit cards and cashless payment system. It is known that as early as the seventh century BC, the first usurers worked in the Babylonian kingdom, and five centuries later in the large cities of ancient Greece built special institutions to store money from tax collection, as well as the proceeds of public enterprises. The first note issuing bank appeared in England at the end of the seventeenth century. This leads to the conclusion that a human being sought not only to create a structured financial system, but also to rationally manage his own savings. Today, the question remains how to open a current account for an individual online and use it without restrictions and inconvenience.

First of all, let`s figure out the concept itself. The service of opening a current account online is often required by entrepreneurs in order to conduct financial transactions related to their business activities. Such a reliable online account allows you to accept money from partners and clients, receive wages, and pay for goods / services necessary for the company’s activities without unnecessary hassle and waste of time: payment for the delivery of goods, office rent, employee work and taxes. In addition, due to the structure of the account, it is an excellent tool for preparing reports for the tax service, pension fund, and insurance companies.

The WestStein Financial Institution offers its customers and interested parties the service of opening a free WestStein online account.

  1. Find the “Open my account” link on weststeincard.com. Click and visit it.
  2. Enter the data in the specified registration form. In this section, you will need the following information: email, full name, date of birth (day, month, year), country, address, postal code, phone number. You should also come up with a unique password, we do not recommend disclosing it, and enter it again.
  3. After accepting all the conditions and confirming your identity, you should go through verification – prove the existance of the email address and mobile phone number.

After authorization, our competent manager will contact you and clarify all the details. If you need to create a salary account or open a corporate account, our employee will name a list of documents that you should send. Immediately after that, you can use your personal and bank accounts, replenish a virtual card (the real one will arrive at the specified address after ten working days) and safely make money transactions.

WestStein service is your reliable assistant in matters of financial literacy

Here you have learned how to quickly open an account online, now you should learn more about the activities of our company. The company has been providing services in the field of finance for several years now. An individual online account and a card from WestStein are profitable tools that allow you to freely make various monetary transactions, both in physical stores and online services. The positive quality of our activity is customer orientation. A professional team, consisting exclusively of specialists with experience in banking, international relations, digital technologies and entrepreneurship, strives to satisfy the client’s needs as much as possible, as well as provide maximum feedback at his request. Other benefits of working with us include:

  1. Loyal pricing. The cost of the service will definitely be affordable for you, given the fact that opening an account and getting a card is available completely free of charge.
  2. Versatility and mobility. Our product is modern and ergonomic, suitable for any person, regardless of their field of activity and financial preferences.
  3. One hundred percent legitimacy. The company acts in accordance with the norms of legislation and law, therefore our clients never become participants of force majeure circumstances related to the law.
  4. High level of security. Your WestStein card is not only protected with a personalized PIN, but also with Mastercard 3D Secure. This protection is optimal and generally accepted in the banking environment.
  5. Convenient mobile application. Thanks to the access to the network and the device, you can implement any monetary transactions anywhere, regardless of time. We assure you that the application interface is clear and intuitive.
  6. Permanent customer support. Our experts are ready to answer your questions at any time, as well as in a convenient way for you: chat in the messenger, phone, e-mail correspondence in five languages: English, Latvian, German, Russian and Polish.
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