prepaid private Mastercard

A next-generation payment solution for your lifestyle – digital, low-cost, private and secure


How does it work?

Load funds, shop, make and receive payments, repeat… A WestStein prepaid Mastercard® for individuals is a payment card with an international account for those who are looking for flexible, easy-to-manage and affordable financial services. Receive and make payments with your euro IBAN account, travel, shop online, purchase apps or mobile services, work and study abroad or manage your family budget – the WestStein prepaid Mastercard is tailored to your needs. It’s as simple as that. 

Prepaid Mastercard cards are accepted at over 35.9 million locations worldwide and you can withdrawn your money from more than 2.1 million ATM’s worldwide displaying the Mastercard Acceptance Mark.

We combine the best of traditional payment solutions with an innovative approach: your finances are fully independent from your main account and can be managed online. And we offer additional security and privacy without compromise for any of your transactions.

Your WestStein prepaid Mastercard for individuals can be used for the following purposes

icon1Travelling – save on fees and improve your budget
icon23Online purchases – secure and private
icon24Salary – in Latvia or abroad
icon25An allowance for your children
icon26Budget planning

Benefits / Features


No liability and easier budget control

Spend only what you load on your card; thus, no credit history checks are required.


More security and privacy

Your international card account is completely independent from your basic account.
We combine the security of both a bank and Mastercard.


Reload your card via transfer or cash

Every card has a unique IBAN: reload your card via a transfer from your bank account or other card, or buy a voucher at any Narvesen in Latvia and load your funds by registering the voucher code through the client portal.


Lower costs

Withdraw cash in the eurozone for a low fixed fee of only EUR 2.50.


Easier budget control and payments

Spend only what you load on your card, provide cards to other family members, including children above 13 years of age.
Send and receive SEPA payments and other international transfers..


Hassle-free online management

Order, activate and manage your card online from anywhere in the world.

Download weststein mobile application

Monitor your spending, load your card account and make transfers!

WestStein prepaid Mastercard®
Born for freedom, perfect for you!

Step by step application

icon15 Fill out the online form and provide your personal information
icon28 You will receive confirmation of your order by e-mail
icon29 The card is produced within 24 hours
icon30 Receive your card by post within seven days
icon31 Log in to the client portal and activate your card
icon32 At your service: daily customer support in Latvian, English and Russian



Card issuing and monthly fee

Card IBAN Account opening
Card Fee
EUR 9,99
Monthly Service Charge
EUR 1,00

Loading transactions

Internet Debit Card Load
EUR 1,75
WestStein Card to WestStein Card Transfer
Loading by Voucher
5.5%, min EUR 1.00
SWIFT Incoming payments
EUR 0,80
SEPA Incoming payments
EUR 0,55
SEPA Outgoing payments
EUR 0,55

Administrative transactions

Stolen Card Replacement
EUR 10,00
Transaction investigation Fee
EUR 15,00
Card Cash Out/Card Refund Fee
EUR 15,00

ATM usage

Eurozone ATM withdrawal
EUR 2,50
International ATM withdrawal (of amount withdrawn)
EUR 2,50 +1,5 %
ATM Balance check
EUR 0,30
FX Rate on ATM
3.00 %
Transaction decline fee
EUR 0.50

POS transactions

Eurozone POS
International POS
EUR 0,50
FX Rate on Spend
All decline fees
EUR 0,50

Miscellaneous fees

Inactivity fee
(after 90 days of inactivity; occurs every 30 days while the card is not being used)
EUR 2,00

Limits for non-verified clients

Initial Load Minimum
EUR 10,00
Initial Load Maximum
EUR 500,00
Maximum Voucher Load Per Day (max 3 vouchers per day)
EUR 450,00
Maximum Monthly Voucher Per Month
EUR 2 500,00
Maximum ATM daily Withdrawal
EUR 500,00
Maximum Load Amount Per Year
EUR 2 500,00

Limits for verified clients

Initial Load Minimum
EUR 10,00
Initial Load Maximum
EUR 2 500,00
Maximum Voucher Load Per Day (max 3 vouchers per day)
EUR 450,00
Maximum Monthly Voucher Per Month
EUR 2 500,00
Maximum daily spend
EUR 5 000,00
Maximum loading amount per day
EUR 4 000,00
Maximum ATM daily Withdrawal
EUR 750,00
Maximum Card Balance
EUR 15 000,00
What are non-verified and verified clients?
A non-verified client is an individual who has not completed the client identification procedure and who, in comparison to a verified client, has significantly lower loading, withdrawal, payment and balance limits. This procedure can be done in the client card portal by uploading copies of documents that prove the individual’s residence (for example, a utility bill) and identity. After successfully completing the client identification process, a non-verified client becomes verified and can fully enjoy all features and benefits of the card.